Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Kick Back Into My Maricoper Birding

Recently, I had gotten really sick and wasn't able to get out of the house for several days. However! I had good company throughout that sickness and one day while I was talking to my good friend Joshua Smith he mentioned that a Northern Parula had just been found/relocated at Tempe Town Lake! The Northern Parula was currently a nemesis bird for me and I really wanted to see one! I was slowly getting better and I was trying to find a ride to get down there when my mom mentioned that she was driving by Tempe on her way for my dads work, what a blessing! So on the last day of March I had plans to search for this Northern Parula hoping to make an end to the dreaded nemesis! Although I only had the chance to search for the bird around noon I made the most of what I could. So after my mom dropped me off I scanned the surrounding trees and peeked out on the drying lake before searching the exact area where my target had been frequenting. The all the sudden out of the corner of my eye I spot my bird!!!

Northern Parula--Life Bird #434 and Maricopa County Bird #325!!!!!

Yes!!!!! However, I'd say I was more shocked at how beautiful this bird was then getting it! I fallowed the parula around the park and throughout the time I watched it I got within feet of it several times and it didn't even mind me!

Northern Parula

Watching this bird truly was a blessing and it was also nice to get to observe it close up without it minding my presence. I am looking forward to many more awesome birds like this one and several amazing trips with several amazing people this spring and summer! In the mean time I'll be birding hard on my patch and throughout Maricopa County! Thanks Josh for informing me on this bird ASAP and thanks Tyler for finding and reporting it!

God Bless and BIRD HARD!!!



  1. You are of course welcome! Those Maricopers are getting scarcer by the moment!

    1. Thanks again, Josh! Maricopers are getting hard to come by now, but I can't complain because Tommy gets like 8 a year now so it's not that bad for me after all. Hopefully I'll pick up the pace though as I still have 75 more Maricopers to get before hitting my crazy goal of 400!